About Us

Front of House Gear is a movement! Wear clothes that speaks to your individuality! Be You!!

The fact that people continue to conform each and every day just makes it more special to see someone stand out and ignore the standards of the masses. A true sense of ingenuity comes through that shows that this person is a leader and is dedicated to an elite lifestyle.

While many find it less stressful to mold themselves in accordance to what seems most acceptable and follow in other people's footsteps, true visionaries stray from the beaten path and embrace their individuality.

When you are being yourself, it is easier to see what you want out of life and what is truly important to you. Think about how when you fall in love, whether it is in your work, your hobbies or that special person, the whole universe seems to be in tune to your feelings.

You know exactly who you are as a person and those around you can see it as well. This helps eliminate the people in your life that do not complement the person you want to be come and attract those who do.

It doesn't matter if some people think you're crazy when you first begin putting your soul on display. As long as you are happy because you are doing what you love, everything else will soon fall into place.

BE YOU!!!!!


 ~Front Of House Gear